Thai people flock to social media, gaining 151% growth rate. Instagram becomes the winner

Thai people are crazy about social media, driving a growth rate of 151%.  Instagram emerged as the winning social media with Thais uploading 70 million photos per year.  Youtube came in second with 5.3 million videos uploaded. Facebook and Twitter remained the strong social media channels with steady growth and it is found that women tend to use social media more than men. As for top location, Suwannabhumi airport is the most frequent check-in location on the social media. Mobile devices have become the main access to social media and the development of 3G technology also contributes to social media growth.

Pawoot Pongvitayapanu, Director & Co-founder of Zocialinc Company Limited is the organizer of Thailand Zocial Award 2013. This event was organized to reward individuals, brands, artists and corporations contributing most to the growth of social media in Thailand in 2012-2013.  In addition, insightful information about social media usage by Thais was also provided. Instagram usage in Thailand grew 151% compared to last year and 70 million photos have been posted.  Boy Pakorn’s photo (@boy_pakorn) received the most likes. The upload rate per day is about 2,500 pictures. Youtube is the most popular video channel for Thai people, with over 5.3 million clips uploaded.

Awards were given to recognize outstanding usage of social media.  GTH won the award for Top Social Network by a business and K’ Tan Ichitan won three awards as an individual; Most Liked Facebook Page in Thailand, Best Business Man in Thai Social Media, and the Top Individual Social Network.  The Most popular actress in Thailand’s Social Network is Chompoo Araya and the Most popular actor in Thailand’s Social Network is Mario Maurer. While Nichakun received Top Artist in Thailand’s Social Network, Bodyslam secured Thailand’s Top Social Network Band. Top Reporters in Thailand’s Social Network went to Kitti Singhapat and Cee Chatpravee for male and female awards, respectively. Thailands’ Internet Idol went to Noey Raklok and Pleum VRZO, who also lead VRZO to secure the last award as Thailand’s Top Internet TV.

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This event was the first of its kind in Thailand and was organised by Zocialinc Company Limited and the Nation Broadcasting Corporation in collaboration with Show No Limit.  The purpose of this event is to encourage productive social media usage in Thailand and to recognize individuals and organizations for their brilliance in contributing to the growth of Thailand’s social media network. This event was sponsored and supported by Kasikorn Bank, Thai Air Asia, Major Cineplex,, Nokia and Heineken.


Summary of Awards

1. Top Brand in Social network  – GTH

2. Top Person in Social network – Tan Passkornnatee

3. Top Brand Growth in Social network  – True You

4. Top Person Growth in Social network  – Bin Bunlearit

5. Top Brand Facebook Page Likes –

6. Top Person Facebook Pages Likes – Tan Passkornatee

7. Top Brand in Twitter Follower  – @MajorGroup

8. Top Person in Twitter Follower – @Khunnie0624

9. Top Brand Instagram Follower  – @kamikaze_music

10. Top Person Instagram Follower – @aum_patcharapa

11. Top YouTube Channel Subscribe – GMM Grammy Official

12. Top Location Check-in  – Suwannabhumi Airport

13. Top Artist in Social network – Nichkun 2PM

14. Top Group Artist in Social network – Bodyslam

15. Top Male Reporter in Social network – Kitti Singhapat

16. Top Female Reporter in Social network – Cee Chatprawee

17. Top Male Celebrity in Social network – Mario Maorer

18.Top Female Celebrity in Social network – Chompoo Areya

19. Top Business Man in Social network – Tan Passkornnatee

20. Top Internet TV Program – VRZO

21. Top Male Net Idol  – Plerm  VRZO

22. Top Female Net Idol  – Noey Save The World


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Thailand Social Media Data (Slide in the event)

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