ASEAN Social Network Ranking Infographic

The social network has become a new channel of marketing in the modern world which reaches out to billions of people worldwide. With the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Instagram, many corporations, companies, and brands are turning to social network as a channel to construct a customer base. Also, the social network acts as a channel to connect to customers more personally which in turn, helps to get a more profound understanding of the customer. This starts a trend for businesses to put more concern with the quantity of “base members” in their social network system such as the amount of likes on a fanpage, followers, subscribers and other strategies to increase their members. But the question that lurks in the minds of these businesses is “how much do the numbers we see here really amount for?”


The Zocial Inc team is operating a ranking system called the “ASEAN Social Network Ranking” in the website It is an accumulation of members within the social network of brands in ASEAN which includes Facebook Likes, Twitter followers, Youtube subscribers and Instagram followers. They are then ranked between each ASEAN country which includes Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Brunei. The rankings can also be specifically ranked within the ASEAN countries by members for each business. These rankings will depict the businesses “reach” to the people in the social networks, which can also be used to evaluate the marketing and social network communication efficiency of a business.


The “ASEAN Social Network Ranking” will turn the heads of ASEAN businesses to the importance of social network as a channel for communication and marketing. The business will also be able to compare the results of their strategies by means of the social network to that of their competitors in the same country or even other countries. The rankings of social network are as follows:


From concluding more 50 brands and corporations with the most members in social networks, it is found that:

  • Surfer Girl Indonesia has the most members in the social network in the ASEAN community which amounts to 2,470,743 points
  • Thailand has the most ranked brands (86 brands)
  • AXE is the most ranked brand with a total of 3,292,089 points in five countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia


(ASEAN Top 20 Brands on the Social Network)

  1. Surfer Girl                                          2,470,743      Indonesia
  2. Yamaha Motor Indonesia              2,274,097      Indonesia
  3. AirAsia                                               2,025,441      Malaysia
  4. Chocolatos                                       1,950,237      Indonesia
  5. Axe ID                                     1,858,460      Indonesia
  6. Blackberry Indonesia                      1,806,798      Indonesia
  7. Nescafe Philippines                                   1,684,917      Philippines
  8. Smart Communications, Inc.        1,246,194      Philippines
  9. Starbucks Philippines                    1,174,065      Philippines

10. GTH                                                    1,150,247      Thailand

11. Hair Experts                                      1,107,711      Philippines

12. Kratingdaeng Indonesia                1,068,346      Indonesia

13. DTAC                                                 1,054,572      Thailand

14. Pepsithai                                           1,020,305      Thailand

15. Major Cineplex Group                     1,006,023      Thailand

16. CLEAR Indonesia                           937,673         Indonesia

17. Satu Malaysia                                   860,084         Malaysia

18. Tourism Malaysia                            858,158         Malaysia

19. Ichitan                                                            854,202         Thailand

20. Natur-E Journey to Beauty             819,681         Indonesia


(ASEAN Top 5 Brands on Facebook)

  1. Surfer Girl                                          2,418,220      Indonesia
  2. Yamaha Motor Indonesia              2,221,359      Indonesia
  3. Chocolatos                                       1,950,237      Indonesia
  4. AXE ID                                                1,858,460      Indonesia
  5. Blackberry Indonesia                      1,806,798      Indonesia


(ASEAN Top 5 Brands on Twitter)

  1. Air Asia                                              464,314         Malaysia
  2. Major Cineplex                                 279,077         Thailand
  3. ThaiPBS                                            197,932         Thailand
  4. GTH                                        152,318         Thailand
  5. MAS                                                    146,044         Malaysia

(ASEAN Top Brands on Instragram)

  1. Kamizake_music                            13,090           Thailand
  2. Yaak TV                                             8,542              Thailand
  3. Sansiri Plc                                        2,204              Thailand
  4. Dtac                                        2,139              Thailand

 (ASEAN Top Social Network Ranking)

  • ASEAN Top Brand Ranking -
  • Thailand -
  • Malaysia -
  • Vietnam -
  • Philippines -
  • Indonesia -
  • Singapore -
  • Cambodia -
  • Myanmar -
  • Laos -
  • Brunei -

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